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At shiftalliance® we believe that meaningful business wins. Our proprietary methodology and software, m2∞™ centers on a whole business, whole people approach that builds meaningful value into every segment of the business.
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Meaningful Business Model Design

STRATEGIC PLANNING virtual class series for start-up founders, social enterprises & leaders of new projects or initiatives.

Be more strategic in your day-to-day efforts and achieve positive social and environmental impact through your work.

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Thank you, LA, for a great Evening with B Corps 2013!

B Corporation Our 2013 Evening with B Corps series was a tremendous success! Thank you for making it fun and rewarding!


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ideas2inspire : Our shiftalliance® 300+ better practices provide ideas to inspire meaningful value innovation. We invite you to discover the best that business has to offer.
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Intent to solve a social problem

TOMS Shoes At TOMS Shoes, the concept is simple: for every pair of shoes you buy, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. For that child, shoes might provide a chance to go to school. They might even be the difference between life and death.

How can your offer save the world with every sale?
Innovative or transformed materials

enerkem - photocredit: 'thephotoholic' At Enerkem, theyre created a process that uses pressure, chemistry, and heat to effect magical transformation, turning trash into electricity, plastic, and ethanol. The benefits are big: reduced landfill waste, renewable energy, even new job creation.

How can you make something everyone needs out of garbage nobody wants?
Encourages creativity & involvement

threadless At Threadless, its all about crowdsourcing. An online community of customers who submit and vote on designs and help to publicize and support the brand they help to create! Threadless gets cutting-edge t-shirt designs with proven appeal, while customers get a chance to create and connect. Cool.

How can you make your customers an integral part of your company and create a community in the process?
Trades waste with partners

Frito Lay As part of its 'zero-landfill initiative', Frito-Lay has partnered with Terracycle to upcycle used Frito-Lay chip bags, keeping them out of the trash and turning the materials into useful, everyday products. Consumers can get involved in this environmental effort by sending in their used bags; Frito-Lay pays the postage AND donates money to the non-profit of your choice!

How can you make a difference with your packaging and make an impression that lasts beyond the product?
Relationships & results-based rewards and recognition

joie de vivre Innovation at Joie de Vivre goes beyond hip hotel rooms. The company puts its people first by rewarding relationship building along with results. That's the kind of meaningful leadership policy that gives everyone a good night's sleep!

How can you rethink your leadership style with meaningful value in the mix?
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